Change & Culture: New Perspectives

Today's complex business environment changes rapidly. Working effectively in cross-border contexts is the key to implementing strategies and achieving targets.

People are responsible for the results.
When key players understand their partners' perspectives and how these affect work and daily life, results are quicker and better. Acceptance and implimentation of decisions improve. Conflicts due to misunderstandings are reduced.

Clear Vision: Sorrento/Melbourne

"What are my strengths?" Diversity and Culture

An individual's actions and perceptions are influenced by:
Diversity -
reflecting the individual's style and approach.
- Culture - reflecting wider groupings at different national levels.
- Company culture - reflecting the "how's" within a company.
These determine values, priorities and ways of thinking and behaving: how laws are interpreted, management styles, change, roles of the individual, the family and organisations. "Know these, know yourself."

The pressure of change increases their impact. Key players working with these perspectives focus clearly on tasks and understand motivating people. Processes move faster and more smoothly.
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Respect/Different Needs: Nara, Japan